Solar Resiliency Technical Assistance Program

GEFA is incentivizing the installation of solar PV and backup batteries at critical facilities.

Phase three of the Solar Resiliency Technical Assistance Program is being offered to government entities—cities, counties, K-12 schools, and state agencies—that are not eligible to receive the federal tax credit that benefits for-profit facilities.

Phase three will incentivize the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) and backup batteries at critical facilities. GEFA will reimburse selected applicants for:

  • Up to 85 percent of the balance of backup battery and solar PV costs
  • Up to $200,000 for one installation per selected applicant

Applicants that have solar PV installed on-site or who are entering into a third-party financing arrangement for solar (under the Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act of 2015) are eligible for reimbursement of 30 percent of backup battery system costs up to $30,000.

GEFA will open a competitive application process. Applications will be evaluated based on their positive impact to the community's critical facility resilience. Disadvantaged communities will be given extra points in the scoring process, based on the community's median income, population growth, and unemployment rates. Each entity may only submit one application. 

Critical facilities can vary from community to community, but often include transportation, water, energy, and communications. Examples include public safety buildings, water and wastewater facilities, IT/data centers, healthcare/public health facilities, emergency management offices, government facilities, transportation systems, shelters, and community hubs. The applicant must include a clear description of the facility, and state why it is critical to the community during an emergency. Click Download this pdf file. here for more details on what is required for applicants. 

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