Grid Resilience Grant Program

Full application coming soon

Under Section 40101(d) Formula Grant Program of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), the U.S. Department of Energy provided grants to many states (including U.S. territories) and Indian Tribes to improve the resilience of their electric grids. States and Indian Tribes may further allocate funds to “eligible entities”, as defined by Section 40101(d). These grants offer a unique opportunity to advance the capabilities of states and Indian Tribes, as well as their communities, to address current and future resilience needs.

Eligible Entities:

  • Electric grid operators
  • Electricity storage operators
  • Electricity generators
  • Transmission owners or operators
  • Distribution providers
  • Fuel suppliers

Eligible Resilience Measures:

  • Weatherization technologies and equipment
  • Fire-resistant technologies and fire prevention systems
  • Monitoring and control technologies
  • Undergrounding electrical equipment
  • Utility pole management
  •  Relocating power lines or reconductoring power lines with low-sag, advanced conductors
  •  Vegetation and fuel-load management
  • Constructing distributed energy resources to enhance a system's adaptive capacity during disruptive events, including microgrids and battery-storage subcomponents
  • Adaptive protection technologies
  • Advanced modeling technologies
  • Hardening power lines, facilities, substations, and other systems
  • Replacing old overhead conductors and underground cables

Resilience Measures Not Allowed:

  • Constructing a new electric generating facility
  • Installing generators
  • Large scale battery-storage facilities that are not used for enhancing a system's adaptive capacity during disruptive events
  • Cybersecurity