ATLANTA – The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) has reached an agreement with Paulding County for a $15 million state direct investment related to the Richland Creek Reservoir as part of the Governor’s Water Supply Program. This investment ensures that additional water supply will be available both for Paulding County and for the benefit of the region a decade sooner than originally planned.

“Economic development and future growth in Georgia requires a dependable and sustainable water supply,” said Gov. Nathan Deal. “That’s why I launched the Governor’s Water Supply Program, which is mobilizing state resources to assist local governments in developing and investing in water supply projects. This collaborative effort is good news for families and businesses in Paulding County and the surrounding areas.”

State Direct Investment Details:

When completed, the Richland Creek Reservoir will be a 305-acre reservoir that will allow Paulding County to supply its own long-term supply needs of up to 35 million gallons daily (MGD) without reliance on water stored in Allatoona Lake. The reservoir will be located on Richland Creek in northern Paulding County, but it will be supplied with water pumped from the Etowah River. Paulding County has been planning this reservoir as a local project for many years, and it recently received its Clean Water Act Section 404 permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. More information associated with the Richland Creek Reservoir is available at

Paulding County currently purchases most of its water from the Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA), which gets the water from the federally-managed Allatoona Lake. With CCMWA supplying water to other wholesale customers in the region, and several significant unresolved issues associated with the management of water from Allatoona Lake, the state is interested in accelerating Paulding County’s transition to another water source.

Paulding County originally planned to build the reservoir and then construct the necessary water distribution lines in phases. This work would have started with a distribution line capable of providing approximately five MGD when the reservoir is completed in 2020. As originally planned, the remaining distribution lines were to be completed by 2042.

The state’s $15 million investment will allow Paulding County to increase the size of the distribution line improvements in the first phase from five MGD capacity to 10.7 MGD capacity when the reservoir is completed in 2020. This acceleration will allow Paulding County to substantially reduce it purchases from CCMWA once the reservoir is completed. By increasing the size of this initial phase, Paulding County will also be able to accelerate the full build-out of its distribution line improvements and cease nearly all water purchases from CCMWA by December 31, 2032. This is 10 years earlier than Paulding County had originally planned, and this acceleration will make additional water from Allatoona Lake available to meet other needs. By making this investment, the state is ensuring that the regional benefits of the Richland Creek Reservoir are enjoyed in the near future and beyond.